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JeffM Radio broadcasts a commercial-free music stream consisting of hand-picked songs from my personal music collection, blending an eclectic mix of Rock, Classic Rock, Indie, Alternative, College, 80's, Jambands, Rap, & Techno. My name really is Jeff M., and I pay all expenses out of my own pocket. If you enjoy the radio station, please make a donation.

Last 5 songs played...

Don't Ya Rile 'Em
by Frank Black
on Frank Black
Apr. 21st 09:38:42 AM
by Regina Spektor
on Begin To Hope
Apr. 21st 09:34:55 AM
by Moby
on I Like to Score
Apr. 21st 09:22:24 AM

You control the playlist!

When you VOTE on songs they get added to the queue. If there are many users voting at once, the system works like a democracy where the songs with the most votes get played next.

Here are 10 random songs for your voting pleasure...

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